XLAB Bag Nutrition Rocket Pocket XL



Extra large capacity strap mounted bag ideal for standard stems - 18cms L x 10cms H x 5.1cms W.


  • IRONMAN WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP winning bag by Pete Jacobs!
  • Quick access to nutrition with a super-slide zipper.
  • Keep tablets or pills separate with the handy inside pocket.
  • Avoid an overheated smartphone on those hot sunny days - bag interior is insulated!
  • Rubberized bottom keeps the bag in its place.
  • Holds a whopping 2 bars and 4 gels.
  • Fits phones up to 6" (152.4mm) on the diagonal. Looking to carry a larger phone? Check out the extra capacity ROCKET POCKET XL PLUS.
  • Actually reduces drag caused by stem and headset spacers.
  • Same width as head tube (Standard size bag), therefore no increase in frontal area.
  • 72 degree front fits tight up against stem.
  • Tapered aero design profile.
  • Super smooth low skin friction exterior reduces drag.