Vittoria Rubino Pro Tyre 150TPI (Blue/Black)


The Vittoria Rubino Pro III continues the success of the versatile Rubino series. Billed as a reliable, high-mileage solution to extended training, gran fondos, or even coast-to-coast, ultra-endurance rides. The Rubino Pro features a technical tread pattern for stability across a wide variety of road conditions (including those surprise gravel detours that Google Maps failed to point out.) Vittoria’s nylon anti-puncture belt adds peace of mind. More importantly, the ride quality afforded by the 150 TPI nylon casing will smooth out decaying tarmac and the occasional rumble strip. 

  • Mithril cut-resistant polymer weave minimizes chances of damage to sidewalls
  • Updated tread pattern increases contact surface area for better grip
  • 150 TPI for long-lasting tread life
  • Recommended pressure from 100-145 psi 
  • 150TPI nylon casing
  • Technical tread pattern
  • Nylon anti-puncture belt
  • Available in 700x23mm