Vittoria Pit-Stop Road Racing Tube and Tyre Repair Kit - no shipping option for product

The foremost deterrent for riding tubulars is how blasted difficult they are to deal with when you puncture. Though the advent of liquid sealants has been a revelation, Vittoria sets the puncture-repair bar with their Pit Stop Tire Sealant. Contrary to other options, the Vittoria Pit Stop uses latex foam instead of liquid latex, and it works on both butyl and latex tubes. Because it is foam, it's much lighter than the liquid options. It's easy to use, and less messy than dealing with liquids. If you flat on the road, the Vittoria Pit Stop sealant will inflate the tubular tire while it also introduces the foam to seal any punctures. It pumps a 700c tubular up to 6. 5 bar/90psi. Pit Stop is designed to be used on road tires. It will fit either a presta or schrader valve. Alternatively, you can use the Pit Stop to pre-empt flats by loading a new tire. With the Vittoria Pit Stop Tire Sealant you too can enjoy the sound of the hole squealing then almost instantly sealing up after a puncture.