The IronCroc Does Busso


Written by Steven Crenfeldt and Illustrated by Talisa Homer.

The IronCroc Does Busso is a humorous look at the lead up to Ironman Race day and how the event itself is seen from an athlete's point of view, through the eyes of the book's main character 'The Croc'. The short story in poetry form, goes through all the physical and emotional feelings that athletes experience while out on the course. With each page having artwork to match its verse, you will find a combination of entertaining words with black and white pictures which will appeal to a wide variety of ages, including children, adults and parents. Testimonials include Guy Crawford, Kate Bevilaqua, Mareen Hufe, Matty White and Meredith Brook Kessler who have all been a fan of 'The Croc' for years.