Sunwise Equinox Sports Sunglasses


 These sports sunglasses come with a pack of 4 interchangeable polycarbonate high definition, lightweight and shatterproof lenses in the following colours:

- Clear
- Yellow
- Orange
- Smoke (for Metallic Grey & Blue frames) or Red Multi-Layer Mirror (for RM White frames)

The lightweight versatile half-frame design means you have obstruction free peripheral vision and the very best visibility for all sorts of sporting and leisure activities. Great for running, tennis, cricket and much more!

Their flexible nosepads provide an extra secure fit and comfort for all face shapes. They can be worn for long periods of time and protect your eyes from wind, sand and flying objects. The Equinox frames features a tighter fitting medium lens cut so you still retain the wide coverage but also allows slight airflow over the lens.

The durable frames also have flat arms so they can be worn under caps and helmets.