Lazer Helium Helmets

$150.00 $249.95

A marvel of comfort and security, Lazer's sculpted Helium helmet may share appearances with the Genesis, but it actually incorporates an in-molded shell portion around the interior of the helmet's brow. Basically, this is an added safety detail that prevents the helmet from failure and also helps protect fragile foam from damage in a gear bag.

For improved crash protection, the Helium uses a woven composite, called silver carbon, that spans between the main ribs. Lazer calls it RBS (Rigidity Brace System) and it adds some serious strength to the design. To offset additional material, the Helium uses dual-density EPS foam that allows not only less heft, but 19 huge vents, too.

Because of this, airflow won't be a problem on hot days. Additionally, the helmet pads are made with X-Static, a fabric with antimicrobial, silver-treated threads to prevent a stinky helmet. The Helium benefits from Lazer's Rollsys retention system, which is a wheel tucked into the top of the helmet to take up slack in the cradle system. The Rollsys system creates one of the most even fits of any helmet on the market.

The cradle at the back of the head drops securely beneath your occipital bump, and since the wheel for the retention system is at the top and not in the back, there's room for ponytails.

The Lazer Helium Helmet is available in the sizes Small, Medium, and Large.