Foss environmentally friendly tube 700x23-23C

Explosion Proof:
When punctured, the tube material will create an air-tight seal around the object. It will prevent an immediate puncture and slow down air leaks, which will grant riders more time to react. It functions similarly like the automobile tubeless system.
2. Light-Weight:
The material density of FOSS tube is 0.88 g/cc, compared to ordinary tubes which are 1.3 g/cc on average, that makes FOSS tube 30% lighter than the others.
3. Environmentally Friendly Material:
Made from Thermoplastic Elastomer compound (TPE), an un-vulcanized rubber, FOSS tube can easily be recycled with other TPE products in order to reduce pollution from our planet.
4. Easy to Repair:
It’s very easy to mend a puncture by using FOSS patch (self-sticking). Just wipe dirt off tube surface, and tape a patch on the puncture. It takes only a few seconds. No glue is needed.
5. Awards:
(1) Winner of iF Material Award 2010
(2) Champion of Wheel Set Group, Taiwan Innobike 2010