Cycleops Power cal


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Not everyone rides a bike and not everyone who rides a bike can afford a power meter. With that in mind, I realized that we didn’t need a tool to be the end-all, be-all for the professional athlete, we needed a simple tool that anyone could use.
I wanted a tool that was easy, hassle free, and could give us a good approximation of our exercise intensity and energy expenditure. People deserve a low-cost tool that allows them to consistently measure their physical activity. It’s not about a gimmick, it’s not about a product that’s supposed to be a substitute for a power meter, It’s about having a tool so that everyone can measure what they do when they train.
While heart rate is not as accurate as a power meter, the PowerCal uses algorithms that make it better than any other heart rate monitor available today. We develop what we believe is the best in class heart rate monitor out there. The PowerCal translates your heart rate into a language that is a lot easier to understand than beats per minute. It translates it into the language of power.
If you're interested in power, or if you're interested in a low cost technique for monitoring your training load regardless of your activity, then the PowerCal is a great first step.