Wahoo fitness PROTKT iPhone 5/5s bike mount


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Wahoo PROTKT Bike Mount & Case (iPhone 5 & 5S)

The PROTKT is an iPhone bike case that's sleek & slim, yet weatherproof, sweatproof & shockproof - providing maximum protection for your iPhone 5/5S, with IPX5 waterproof certification and rugged shock resistant construction.

The included iPhone bike mounting system is both secure & simple - giving you greater access to your iPhone and allowing you to take pictures and answer calls while you ride. It provides:
Secure and Easy Mounting - a simple quarter turn twist motion locks the PROTKT into place with a confident click.
Fully accessible and functional touch screen made of glass (so tapping on your iPhone while it's in the PROTKT feels just like the case wasn't there).
Works with all types of bikes including road, mountain and hybrid bikes.
Turn your iPhone 5/5S into a full-featured bike computer with the PROTKT.

- Features -

Ultimate protection
The PROTKT iPhone mounting system that allows you to ride in real conditions. Whether rain, dirt, sunshine, or snow, your iPhone is protected and functional, giving you a full colour and powerful bike computer at your fingertips. Crash and element tested, our new rugged iPhone bike mount will keep your iPhone safe on the road, the mountain, or the greenway.

Secure and easy mounting
Our positive lock mount that is both secure and simple. Using a simple quarter turn twist motion, the PROTKT locks into place with a confident click and secures the entire system. To remove the PROTKT, simply twist the case to unlock. The stem and bar mounts have rubber mounts to keep your iPhone riding smooth.

Full phone call functionality
Face it, you still get calls while you ride. With the PROTKT bike mount for iPhone, you can hear and speak on your iPhone. With it's quarter turn on/off, it is easy to grab your phone off the bars and answer your important calls. All while retaining the legendary protectiveness of the Wahoo bike mount. (Don't worry, you can still decline calls with access to the top button!)

Take pictures while you ride
The PROTKT keeps the full functionality of your camera so you can take pictures while on your ride. Simply unlock the iPhone with a quarter turn and capture that great moment.

More than just cycling
Using the optional PROTKT hand band (available in the PROTKT Bag-O-Mounts), you can strap the PROTKT to your hand for a great iPhone experience while you run or hike. Made from comfortable neoprene, the PROTKT hand band straps your iPhone to your hand while keeping it safe from the elements.
Plus: the PROTKT Bag-O-Mounts) also includes a mount designed for your GoPro camera!

- Specifications -
Weight - 125 g
Dimensions - 14cm x 7cm x 2 cm
Mount- quarter turn mount (mounting on stem or bars)