Team XTR Multisports Club - Annual Membership 2020-21


Joining our club Team XTR is simple...purchase through the XTR shopping card above!

Not a triathlete - If you are a runner, trail-runner, cyclist, open water swimmer, MTB enthusiast or adventure racer / multisport athlete this is the club for you!  At last a club for the pure multisport athlete as 'one sport is not enough'!

This annual subscription is from July 2020 to June 2021.

Enjoy free weekly training sessions and standard discounts at XTR Multisports, Joondalup.


If however you are a triathlete competitor then join the 'Team XTR Tri Club' via the Triathlon WA state body for full Tri WA and Triathlon Australia benefits.  You can join 'Team XTR Tri Club' via the TriWA website at -   Simply select 'Team XTR Tri Club' when selecting your club.   'Team XTR Tri Club' members will automatically become associate members of Team XTR Multisports Club