Team Sky SIS 3 hour fuel pack


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This brand new kit  contains all the nutrition needed to fuel a 3 hour ride and then recover once the bike is retired for the day. The products included are the exact same products used by Team Sky including the rider issue  Bidon.

Pack Contents:

  • 1 x Team Sky Rider Issue Bidon
  • 2 x GO Electrolyte Lemon Lime Sachets
  • 1 x GO Energy + Caffeine Berry Gel
  • 1 x GO Isotonic Energy Lemon & Lime Gel
  • 1 x GO Isotonic Energy Orange Gel
  • 1 x GO Isotonic Energy Blackcurrant Gel
  • 1 x GO Energy Bars Chocolate Fudge
  • 1 x REGO Rapid Recovery Chocolate 50g Sachet