SIS GO Energy Bars 5 Pack

Picture this - a deliciously moist & chewy, fruit and cereal bar that gives you energy fast and is small enough to slip into a jersey pocket for a mid-race boost. Sounds great - and it is! That's because the SiS GO Energy Bar combines a scientific approach to energy bar composition with real fruits and wholesome ingredients guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding energy needs. Try one today and you'll be convinced that the SiS GO Energy Bar is not only moist, delicious and easy to digest but it's also perfectly suited to your before, or during, exercise routine. Proven by thousands of athletes in the world's toughest races to be immensely beneficial in extending physical endurance levels, the SiS GO Energy Bar can even serve as an energy loading snack between meals. Containing a selection of five delicious, energy packed bars this attractively-priced Variety Pack is the best way known to find out just what a difference the SiS GO Energy Bar can make to your long-term performance results. SiS GO Energy Bar Variety Pack Contents:• 2 x Apple & Blackcurrant 40g • 2 x Chocolate Fudge 40g • 1 x Red Berry 40g