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Science In Sport (SIS) - Go Energy + Caffeine Gels - Citrus


Why we love it

We can always get around a ‘two birds, one stone” scenario, and Go Energy + Caffeine Gels hit the nail on the head. Designed for high-intensity exercise, these gels support both physical and mental processes through fast-absorbing carbohydrates and energy-boosting caffeine, keeping you performing at your peak level for longer.

Talk nerdy to me

With 22g of carbohydrates, each gel provides approximately a third of your required hourly intake (60-90g). Add in 75mg of caffeine and you’ve got a handy energy boost that’ll improve performance, alertness, and concentration while still being easy to digest.

Fast facts

- Vegan

- Gluten-free

- 22g of carbohydrates

- 75mg of caffeine

- 85 calories per gel

- Improve alertness and concentration

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