SaltStick mini Dispenser


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A water-resistant holder-dispenser for capsules designed to fit INSIDE mountain bike or triathlon handlebars or mounted on running belts, bicycle frames ad so much more!

"Used by top pros at Ironman Kona 2005-2008"

- Turn the front knob with one hand and out pops a capsule!
- Fits all capsules currently on the market
- Holds 3 size “0” or “00” capsules. Using SaltStick Caps @ 1-2/hr, stick will last 1.5-3 hrs.
- Includes an extra color-coded nozzle for multiple supplement dispensing
- Used by top pros at Ironman Kona 2005, 2006 & 2007
- Complies with USA Triathlon regulations
- Water-resistant nozzle: Keeps capsules dry!
- Prevents capsule damage from bouncing
- Lightweight (Only 12g or 1/3 oz.) food-grade plastic
- Hides discreetly inside most road bicycle drop handlebars
- Also mountable on running or race belts with included GRIP fastener
- Unique design is patented.