PURE Orange Endurance Hydration Powder 500g


PURE Endurance Hydration is a premium natural electrolyte drink base using real freeze-dried fruit, carbohydrates, whey protein and electrolytes. PURE Endurance Hydration is a natural isotonic electrolyte sports drink base designed to provide quick and slow-release energy for strenuous exercise over 2 hours. When you open a bag of PURE Endurance Hydration the first thing you'll notice is the amazing smell of fresh fruit. Made from real freeze-dried fruit powder, when you add water you can actually see the real fruit particles in your drink bottle.


  • Designed for strenuous exercise over extended periods (2 hours+)
  • Contains the electrolytes, sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium
  • 4.2% carbohydrate content
  • 1g Protein/100mL
  • Each resealable pouch makes 9 litres
  • Not sickly sweet or over flavoured
  • Made in New Zealand