Northwave Speedplay adapter


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Use your new Northwave Extreme Tech Plus, Torpedo Plus, Torpedo SRS, Torpedo 3S or Vitamin road shoes with a refined Speedplay mounting. Many love the additional float, lighter weight, better corner clearance, better aerodynamics, and two-sided entry you get with Speedplay pedals.The Northwave Speedplay Adaptor kit allows you to attach the four-hole Speedplay cleat to your top of the line Northwave Road Shoe...lickety split. And don't confuse this with some overly chunky Speedplay adaptor, because this one puts your pedal in closer contact with your shoe sole actually reducing the stack height from 3mm to .3mm
  • Easy to install
  • Reduces stack height overall to just .3mm
  • Compatible with:
      Northwave Extreme Tech Plus Northwave Torpedo Plus Northwave Torpedo SRS Northwave Torpedo 3S Northwave Vitamin road shoes