MET Manta Helmet Black/Blue/Green

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The Manta’s extremely aerodynamic and low profile shape provides unsurpassed performance in the wind tunnel with a saving of 10 watts at 50km/h compared to other aero road helmets. Whilst the strategically placed Airflow Converge vents and NACA crown vents ensure your head is kept cool without increasing drag. Safe-T Advanced, MET’s top of the line retention system, provides the best weight and comfort ratio. The contact points have increased comfort with a larger cradle surface area which is also designed to aid ventilation at the back of the head. Breathability and comfort are extremely important, that’s why the Manta features Airlite straps which are 15% lighter than a standard helmet strap, they are also more aerodynamic than a standard strap.

GEL O2 FRONT PAD: Helps to keep your head cooler when pushing the limits.
The gel pad does not absorb perspiration and offers a much longer life span then traditional foam pads.

• Outer shell construction: Integral inmoulding
• EPS liner technology: Inmolding EPS intelligent fusion
• Chin strap buckle: Anti-pinch buckle
• Straps: Air lite straps
• Cam divider: 2016 air lite divider
• Strap anchor points: Aerodynamic strap anchor design
• Retention system: Safe-t advanced, 360 degrees
• Padding: Coolmax anti-allergenic interior pads. Front Gel O2 padding supplied as a spare
• Be seen: Reflective rear stickers
• Compatibility: USB led light device compatible
• Transport: Soft bag provided with the Manta for safe transportation.
• Certification: CE, AS, CPSC