Endura Gel bottle 115ml


Endura Sports Gel Flask 115mL is a compact pocket size gel flask that holds 4.3 servings of energy gels, providing you with instant and sustained energy when required. 

The Endura Gel Flask is more:

  • User-friendly, much easier to use than gel sachets while riding or during the run leg.
  • Less mess than dealing with gel wrappers
  • Eco-friendly, refill and reuse the flask over and over again, nothing to throw away

How to Use Endura Sports Gel Flask 115ml

 Endura Sports Energy Gels are now available in a 500ml refill bottle, that’s the equivalent of about 19 sachets. Using the 115ml Endura Gel Flask, simply refill the flask from the bottle. The Gel Flask holds the equivalent of 4.3 sachets.

Size: 115ml Container