Bliz Matrix Nano Photochromic Sunglasses


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Matrix is the model where performance and attitude compete for first prize. It is a unisex model best suited for mid-sized faces. With Matrix, you can take on any challenge with total confidence. Adjust the glasses to find the perfect fit and trust in the fantastic properties and ventilation of the lens. Matrix Nano Optics Photochromic gives you several things: Photochromic lens, minimal distortion, integrated anti-fog, superior comfort and unparalleled vision in shifting weather conditions.

Lens properties
Matrix Nano Optics Photochromic is equipped with a photochromic lens. This high-tech lens is made from X-PC which adjusts to the weather conditions, meaning that the lens automatically darkens as the sunlight gets stronger (UV light). The lens has complete UV-protection, minimal distortion, integrated anti-fog, anti-scratch, multi coating and has excellent hydrophobic properties as well.

Matrix is made from Grilamid TR90. This is a light weight material – Matrix only weigh 34 grams – and unbeatable flexibility. Wearing the glasses, you get an equally comfortable experience in the scorching heat or the freezing cold, thanks to the high tech material.

Adjustment possibilities
With Matrix you are always ready for the next challenge. Adjust the temple tips for optimal comfort, and keep the glasses in place with an adjustable nose piece. The lens is removable and thus easily switched to other high performance lenses in a variety of colors and filter categories which can be purchased separately.

Technical Info:
Nano Optics Photochromic lens in CAT 1-3
Jawbone Technology and an extra jawbone in different color included
Including a nosepiece so you can wear it half framed
Adjustable friction rubber nose pad
Adjustable temple tips in rubber wire core
Hydro Lens System™
Hard protective case
Cleaning cloth

The THE PHOTOCHROMIC lens also has:
This drastically reduces the appearance of thin hairline scratches, keeping your lenses in perfect shape longer.
Xtreamley tough lenses resists impacts without damaging your eyes.
The filter blocks harmful UVA- and UVB rays from reaching your eyes.
An integrated long lasting anti-fog. Eliminates condensation and moisture on the lens, ensuring optimal fog free visibility in most every condition.
The hydrophobic coatings keep rain, snow and water drops off the lens.
Every lens is cut out with perfection and accuracy providing minimized distortion in the field of view.