Felt IA16 Triathlon Starter Package 4 - 51 and 54cm

 The Felt IA16 triathlon package is a great value package bundled up in a bargain deal.

Availability:  Not available online but in-store only.  

  • Felt IA16 is the perfect option for the competitive rider. 
  • Orca S6 - fullsleeve triathlon wetsuit
  • Orca Core Triathlon Suit
  •  Funkita or Funky Trunks bathers (various designs)
  • 5 endura gels (various flavours)
  • Aqua sphere goggles 
  • Triathlon race belt
  • Triathlon Elastic Laces

Note - Some product items could be changed with equivelant items subject to availability. Variations to the package can be made for additional of other item models but these may be subject to price adjustments.